January 27th, 2003

Et al: Canstatter Wassen


Whoop whoop. Wish you luck with the community.

Umm, yeah... Nothing much else to say.

Hope lots of annoying people don't join. :oP




cool , a new community for me to post my pointless posts.yay!!!!

and its a nice glasgow one to

how nice

and im to hyper wo0o0o0o0o0o0t!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay alternative is always good, i gotta find a way to get off duty 2moz so i can go to rev at the qmu, not been this yr yet cos had evil exams, and got no lectures on wed so let the drunkenness begin.... :) Anyone else here go down there? im an evil outsider from strathy, but at least thats better than being a member of the guu instead of the qm!
know any other good communities? need to watse time when i meant to be studying somehow
<3 clair xox o:)
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