January 28th, 2003


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hey evrybody! :D

i'm Ali and i'm from Linwood but spend most of my time in Glasgow! i hang about in Roofus T's and the Solid and go to gigs at King Tuts, the cathouse and the 13th. i'm goin to the cathouse this thursday after a friends party! i havnt been for a while now so it should be great!

the reason i aint been is cos my throat has been really bad(ive had problems with it since july last year)..and the fact that evryone in there seems to smoke makes it worse :/ smokers suck..

i always get angry at them when im drunk lol..i nearly hit this ned on the bus cos she was singing loudly and smoking in my face >.< grrr


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Hello freax, one and all. Thought I'd introduce myself as some others have been doing.

I feel like I may be a little out of place here . . being ( the only? ) male and maybe not quite so freaky ( in the nicest possible way ) as the rest of youse. : )

I actually live in Paisley - but that's close enough - and I write, sing and play with a band called The OceanFloor. We are just about to release our first EP and launching our website all at once . . so keep yer ears peeled. Our music is difficult to describe, but takes in reference points from Radiohead, Mogwai, The Smiths, Talking Heads etc.

Will let you all know when our EP is ready for public consumption AND I look forward to speaking with you all :)

Hi :)

So, Hi, I'm Lynn and I live in Ayrshire. I'm 33, *old*, lol. Yeah, so I like most kinds of today's metal, punk & gothic stuff. But I still love the old 80s bands too. Well you can check out my user info if you care to know more,
Ta ta!

Lynn x
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*waves at all*
ok so everyone is is doing all the "hey" thing do i thought i would too, i didnt earlier on coz im an anti social lil kiddie.
im not 18 til september the 11th :( hehee acht well
talk to ya all laters
*random huggles for all*
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This is such a great idea for a community. I feel sometimes as if I'm the only Scot in an internet full of strangers, although it's been getting much better over the past year or so. I hope this community really takes off.

I'm Lisa-Marie, 20, I live in Johnstone, I hate coleslaw, I study law and I love music to distraction.
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One of my friends pointed this community out to me, so here I am and heres the obligatory generic 'Hullo!' post ;)

I'm a skummy stoodent who lives in the west end. I used to live at Rufus T's and the Clathouse, but don't go out as much anymore. I've become quite boring :/ Still actually went out on Saturday night, to Bedlam with one of my goff friends and had quite a drunken laff, but goodness the hangover puts me off it becoming a regular thing again. I must be coming across as an old spinster, I'm only 20!! But anyway hello! :D
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Hello world (Or Glasgow, or something....)

Thought I would post one of these obligatory hello look at mee things.

I'm 17, studying psychology. Live outside Glasgow in a dumpy little town with nice scenery, but ugly people. Im not very alternative, or interesting, I usually just stay at home plotting to take over the world someday. Or making music,

Same thing, *shrugs*
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where is everybody?

im stuck in the uni supervising computer labs (cos im such a highly responsible person?!) with the fire brigade strike, but there's NOBODY here, its such a pointless waste of time, i wanna be getting wasted right now so i can forget about how shit everything around me is.

wish i didnt need the pittance they paying me to do this :(

whats every1 else up2?
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wings and things

found my dark blood red nail varnish at the botton of my bag so now have pretty nails :) think i might change when i get back and wear my angel wings out tonight, just to piss people off and scare others and make me feel angellic and happy :)

the other guy here is now slightly freaking me out, i may have to leave and run away if he looks over again, he looks kinda like the guy who tried to attack me which isnt exactly comforting either