January 30th, 2003


Placebo anyone?

Placebo are playing at the Barrowland on April the 7th. Tickets are 15 quid and went onsale on Tuesday, i reckons it's gonna sell out soon :(

anyone wanna buy me a ticket for it? i'd love you forever :D :D :D
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    Madder Mortem - Necropol Lit

war + stuff

ugh...i just realised its like...nearly february. scary scary scary

i was watchin all this stuff on the tv about war tonight. i really am so scared...i think the politician type ppl are bein really sly. i mean i know they can*t tell us everything, but i wanna know what the consequences are. where do we stand as a country in all this? are we likely to be attacked? i dunno...i go through random phases of ignoring all this...but now i*ve seen so much stuff and its hard to just let it go

okay okay i*m done
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