February 1st, 2003

i wanna rock, rock you that is

Pure Pain

I guess I'll do the "hello, I'm new to this community" thang. I have to say, I feel like complete and utter crap. I woke up about 45mins ago, and I don't think that I can really move. The agony of a night that was a little too "out" is starting to surface....aaahhhhhhhhhggggggggggg. Must learn to stop doing this, or I will never surive any weekend, or week for that matter.
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never stare in the the runing river

Hello there people. I too am new to this...but then again so is everyone, so aye...

This is the only community thing I'm on (oh yes, you should feel special) so don't really know what to say or whatever...I'll get more used to it I guess.

That is all for now...

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i wanna make it so onli lj users can read my journal.
can i do that?
it worries me that horrid people i know could read this and use it to make me feel more shit than i already do.
(this worry was brought about by a particular group of people laughing at me)

i must sleep soon or i may collapse.
im goin to see the doctor on tuesday anyway.
everything is not very superb.

went out for emmas birthday last night to the garage. twas awright. feel bad cos i INADVERTANTLY left kisstle all alone. im sorry im sorry im sorry. thank fuck she found john *grins*. i fell when i got outta the taxi and am now in a lot of pain.
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