February 2nd, 2003


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me and my boyf went to the cathouse on thurs! :D was great! i think thats the 1st time we've ever gone and not had an arguement o.O

the music was ok, i did me some skanking for the 1st time since new years!
some weird guy said he was gonna kill Bob(my boyf) O.O scary! and he smelled like tomato sauce..saw bobs bro and his gf and there was this cool spikey-haired dude who gave me lotsa hugs and kissed me on the cheek evrytime he hugged me..and kissed me on the hand when bob intro'd me to him..(note to self-stop wearing low-cut tops to the cathouse..*cough*bad for skanking!) hes in a band who seem really good! i think his name was Reno..sounded like Rainbow but i Was drunk :P

we got us tickets for mucho gigs! Glassjaw and Finch were bought on Friday..i got Jackass next sunday and Feeder sooon! :D

ur lookin at a happy gal right here *hugs 4 all*