February 5th, 2003

only another year to goOoo.. =s

its my 19th today. being nearly 20 isnt so cool... i might have to start being like responsible and mature sometime soon. and ugh i feel all ill and tired, cundt even manage to stay at QM for rev =( parents were all sarcastic and every gift had a tag on it ripping into me for not having a job yet.

oh yah hi everyone =) i tried to do an intro post a while ago but LJ destroyed me =( v. traumatic.
theres no tmuch to say, cept i guess this community looks to be kinda cool and uhm... hell is for heroes are playing soon wOoOOooo
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um, so i decided to make a late "hello" type entry...couldn't get near the computer cos of some people :P

anyways...i be jasmine, i'm 14 - probably making me the kiddie of the group but anyway. i live in barrhead and i go to st luke's high school, which i started last week. woo. go...me. those who don't know me would probably categorise me as one of those dreaded "cathouse kids" but i'm not really all that bothered. i'm into all different stuff...all sorts of music...i like to have fun :D
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Wow! Downloadin music frae Chicago!

Got a lot done in the last coupla days.
Feelin a bit better.
Goin to see the uni peepl on Friday bout leavin or whatever.
We must book accomodation for Amsterdam SOON!
Iv been really sad n spent a large proportion of this week in my house, mostly alone. Didn't even get to go to Rev (for the 3rd week in a row or summat). Hmmmmm.....
I bought my top from TK Maxx today! Its turquoise n red! Ooooahh! Fiona in colours! This is new and exciting!
Talk to ya later!
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