February 7th, 2003


Well hello there people. I'm friggin bored so thought I'd come to this wonderful place an...talk shite.

I really aint been up to much at all...went to New Flesh on Wed in Privi, was good apart from ma best friends mum (who is just like ma 2nd mum) yellin at ma bf :S Meah. Apart from that I've just been workin. Work in Sock Shop...tis boring but fine, pretty good pay an all. I'm the wee one wi plum/red n black hair...so if you ever walk past n see me come in n say hey! Well...yeah...I'll be friendly.


Oh yes, I know what I was gonna tell youz. Sum of you are probs already on it...but www.alternativenation.net is a good forum which is mainly used by the alternative folk of glasgow, reccomend tryin it out. Has given me sumfin to do when I'm up at like 3am n bored many a time!!! I'm idyllicvampire n pepsi-max roz on it. Uhuh.

Right...I'm goin off to dead journal to see what's goin on there. If any of uz are on it ma name is perfect_cut...feel free to add me or whatever!


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