February 8th, 2003


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i got promoted yesterday to senior SA, so went out tonight to celebrate, successfully blowing off my 1st night on duty in new position to go to the catty, yay! hadn't been there at all this yr so far, i missed it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
randomly pulled one of my mates too, not sure if its a good or bad thing.......
gotta get up and swim in the morning :( but will spk to ya all soon, yay!
luv clair xxx o:)
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hunk // null

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Oh yay....self hatred mood coming on....fscking wonderful...

I hate life...I wish I had the guts to kill myself sometimes

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Hey im new. Im Shona. I live in glasgow duh. Anyway I dint have much to say except on the 19th (a wednesday) of this month (feb) my college friends are playing a gig in The Vale (upstairs) It only cost £2 to get in, theres also a bar and its totally worth it. A few bands are playing and my friends are in them.. everyone should check it out. Later xx
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  • spriter

Hi there

Hi I'm new here...I basically joined because this Thursday I'm going to the cathouse for the first time (going to break my catty virginity ;) ) I've never been before because basically all of my friends are into pop crap...so I've had noone to go with and I'll probably have noone to go with this time but...its going to be valentines day...gotta do something to celebrate :).

Well, My names Jen, I'm 17, 18 in 5 months and adore all sorts of music. I'm pretty nervous about thursday...considering I'm..17...and its the overs >_< I'm hoping i get in :P Well anyway I can't wait and I'll be there with my Black angel wings trying to have as much fun as poss :D

and err.....Hi :D?
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