February 9th, 2003


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i've been straining my eyes looking at this monitor for a good twenty minutes before realising my glasses are right beside the keyboard. aye.

this one time i dunked a bucket and got a fly in my eye. i got so shit scared that i dialled for an ambulance...mm...so aye. they told me to visit my GP.
i have been wearing glasses all my life so the inaugural fly in the eye came quite late for me.
i got a fly in my eye. i am known as Fly Eye.

tastes? they vary. emo{
at the drive in//fugazi
}. electronica{
masseye attack//portishead//...blah
fuck it. sack all that.
it's eclectic.
you may find me at the goma perchance...when i'm not working or spending vast amounts of my time alone. (unsocial hours)

and ummm feel free to add me. i'll [probably] add you back.


hi hows everyone doing? im good :) just "trying" to do some college work but dammit i cant be bothered! im going 2 c Tuuli 2 moro :D :D :D

x sKiTtLeS x
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