February 11th, 2003


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me and my boyf were sitting on the steps at Borders eating chips when these guys wit bandanas (they were asian) walked past and shouted stuff at my boyf.

then when we were in borders a whole big group of bob's(my boyf) mates came running in..the guys we had seen were the BLACK PANTHERS..there was like 20 of them and they had attacked them and one guy craig had got hit on the head...

the black panthers looked in their 20's..bobs mates were like all under 18..most of them barely 16.

i hate gangs like that! they had knives and evrything. the police should sort themselves out! they were nowhere to be seen on sunday when this was happening! they spend most of their time chucking us lot out of central (probly the safest place in glasgow rite now..in terms of just hanging about)..then when people are gettin chased they are nowhere. grr.

im not one of those people how spends her life just hanging about in glasgow..sunday was a rare thing for me...i think this gang were out becos Jackass was on at the barrowlands.. it was funny watchin all those idiots infront of the St Enoch centre acting all cool when ive seen tiny munchkins do better tricks at borders :P *sigh*

sorry for rambling. im just in a bit of a bad mood..

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so i havent posted in a while, been in quiet mood, but its all changed now, just found out i passed all my exams WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh yeah *cheezy grin* im unstoppable now mwahahaha *runs away laughingly manically*
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is anyone going to the jurassic 5 gig?
seems they've sold out of tickets...i have *ONE*
my friends don't have any

so aye...is anyone going to it?
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The Dead


Newbie here. A little crazed out by the semester. Taking 3 art courses and an algebra course. So I'm a little nuts right now. Well just thought I would poke my head in and make myself available to all.
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