February 12th, 2003



so tomorrow I have an other afternoon of college to dodge, sitting in starbucks next to borders. Anybody wish to join me?
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evening all....

wOo was at Rev at QM tonight for the first time in ages. fun fun fun fun =) was neone else there??? and if so did u get down to Vanilla Ice??? you'd better have, or else... something... i dunno.
i = hefty annoyed at having missed the goth docu tho
=*( from what ive heard it was hilarious.
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i take back all my negativity about the goth programme last night, i was all hyper and doped up on caffiene and paracetemol last night when i watched it, but i watched it again and it makes sense now.
i take it all back about "mini moshers" its us from when we were 14, its us when we stomped about and didnt care, we were just playing about and having a laugh, now its their turn and when they reach our age they too will hold the same views as us on "mini moshers" its like the age ranges in school, we look down on the first years because we are sixth years and the years before us used to look at us in that way.
no ones different from us, we're all the same at heart. just now im starting to realise that more, im now gonna have a go at not putting people down etc, its them, im me, i cant criticise on that.
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i shooda dun more work than i have but i couldnt be fucked!
i am currently unimpressed that my uni refuse to give me the results to my exams even tho i know theyv marked them. bastrards!
*narrow, eeevil eyes*
sex in the city is bein funni!
burstin spots!
ive never done that, and dont you raise that eyebrow at me skeptically.
Sam? U haven't updated in a coupla days! U still alive? (I worry...)
Since i started takin my medicine ive been laughing hysterically at silly things.
I got hideously drunk last night n ended up throwin up 4 the 1st time in ages!
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