February 16th, 2003


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I'm losing my machine for a week, a week!!!
all my musics on here *sobs*
how am i gonna live without my music?
or my journal (i gots a written one so taint too bad on that one)
this is gonna be weird, im gonna have to use the telephone to communicate *shocked and scared look appears on face*
oh well bye
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    Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Psychosi Safari

bloody yuck

I'm never touching alcohol again. Went to DV8 in Strathy union lastnight an ended up gettin wasted :S Was a classy time...well, apart from one of the ppl I was there with (note, not a friend i was with, just someone) who was fucking doin ma heed in...every 5 mins "wanna go to the catty now?" like fuck! Fucking hate the catty. Anyways...aye, so there was her wantin a fuckin slappin but other than that it was class as. They ended up goin to the catty but I just stayed at DV8 wi some other pals. Aye...so I'm never drinkin again, that is unless I go to Priv on Wed :)

Right, I'm gonna go watch whatever crap's on TV and try my best to ignore my mum yellin at me for whatever reason.

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