February 24th, 2003

the slits
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i was looking at lorna's friends page there
and there was this kid who had a picture of cut up socks on his arms
and as the subject line he'd written
"this is so avril!"

okey. so i have absolutely nothing against avril lavigne (except from the fact that she's a ho who should be shot, but hey if people want to listen to the bullshit that passes for, unbelievably, punk these days, it's their funeral), but do these people not get that she did not fucking invent the so called punk look???

i realise that lots of people like her. that's their choice. you can have your, ahem, "punk", just don't fucking mock the way i look, or what i listen to, because to be honest you should really just get a life and stop trying to be a fucking stupid bint because you mocked me for being "different" not so long ago.

sorry that just pissed me off.

hello every one :)
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