March 5th, 2003

the slits

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must not eatttt

soooooooooo hungry

yet sooooooooooo fat


help me out here, i have no willpower at all,
probably just as well i don't smoke.
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ashtray girl

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zoe dear,
whilst being bored I started making an icon, then figured it'd probably fit this community better than my journal, so you can have it if you wish, if you don't its cool. lol

hmmdihmm...if anybody wants an icon just tell me, I'm bored as hell. :p
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the slits

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today was random and cool.
graham got very hyper + energetic then had to sleep it off. awww po' baby. heh. then he got energetic again and wanted to go for a walk and tickled me and fell off the futon. honestly, he's just like a little puppy dog. awww blessum.
aye. well i'm bored. i want to see my friends so damn much.
i think i might be doing music managament at stow college next year... anyone know if it's any good?
oh well. i'm off to play the sims. damn i'm koo-el.
loosayyyy. d'ya want to go to the pub maybe on saturday. with me, graham + mason. bring shaunilite? not awkward *at all* ;).
anyway aye.
[cross-posted in glasgowfreax and wee_jen btw] :)
anyway yes imma go.
i wish i had something interesting to say.
oh aye.
yesterday graham, mason + i went to kate's house and watched south park + some of the simpsons in the company of adam, ross, kate, chloe, laura, mark, eddie, and someone else i forget who, i couldn't see them as there was a chair in the way. then tara + likkle david hoy came up *shudder* he scares the fuck out of me. they all got stoned and eh well i sort of did, i wasn't smoking but i was locked in the room. christ's sake. evil stoners. haha i just wrote "evil stones".
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