March 8th, 2003


Hey, sorry I haven't been on this in ages, been going through a lot. Me and my b/f split up last Wed so basically since then I've been going out and gettin absolutely wasted to keep my mind off it, I've now finally decided that being drunk all the time when I aint working isn't the best way to go about it. Being sober isn't much fun but it's cheap and isn't bad for me. Obv I'm goin out drinkin tomorrow night (my friend from London is comin up!!!) and obv I'll be at New Flesh drunk on Wed...but I just wont be drunk all the time i aint in work. I'm working so much just now...40hr weeks when I'm only contracted for 25...I need the money though. I gotta get my ass in shape when it comes to money...movin out semi soon.

Well...hope you are all good, hopefully doin better than me.
Diagnosis Murder is ammmmmmazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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