March 14th, 2003


Hahahahahahahaha! I hav the worst timing ever!

Its so not funny, but im laughing!
U prolli will too (you meanie!)

On wed nyt I got realli pished (almost a bottle of vodka was consumed by yours truly), cant remember much but i apparently fell off a wall, my knee was all cut n stuff, was still drunk all of thurs, thurs nyt the pain started but had to go out 4 ma mates 18th, started panickin n got last bus home to see mummy! cleaned wound n went to sleep, mum left to go to prague, went to uni, pain got progressively worse, went to western hospital, waited an hour n got fed up, went to health centre.....

Finalli saw doctor, wound is deep and infected to fuck, may be broken!
1)Its my 18th tomorrow and i cant drink cos im on antibiotics
2)I cant walk and im goin to amsterdam tomorrow
3)Im in soooo much fuckin pain
4) I obviously made a complete fanny of myself!

Oh well eh?
Hahahahahahaha! Ow!

Favourite part of day:
Walk into A&E, tell woman iv hurt my leg, get told to STAND and wait somewhere else, am left for 20 minutes.

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