March 16th, 2003


*appears from nowhere o.O*

Glassjaw. anyone here like them?

theyr my favourite band rite now. ive tried to see them about 3 times now..1st time supporting the lost prophets (who were pretty damn good..i didnt like them much before this gig..i had only gone so i could see glassjaw)..they cancelled(and were replaced by one of the shittest bands ive ever forced my way out of a crowd to get away from)..then the gig later in the year..they yeah..this gig coming up, thats my 3rd attempt.

i was thinking " first gig at the garage. should be fun". u get closer to the band..its a new venue ive never been in..blah. then they move to the barrowlands due to demand for tickets or whatever.. wtf?

im not being all "hey theyr my band, noone else can like them". the only 2 people who i kno that has even heard of glassjaw are my boyf and a guy in my college class. evryone else who ive ever asked are like "wha? glass who?" i like liking bands that not many people like. its weird lol.

for some reason i get the feeling that people have randomly heard of glassjaw and got their daddies to buy them tickets. godamn. not another gig full of screaming-in-my-earhole teenage girls who fancy the lead sing/bassist/drummer(with reference to 2 recent gigs The Foofighters and Something corporate). argh!

sorry for rambling and making no sense. im not being a bitch. im just a bit annoyed lol