March 23rd, 2003


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well i just joined a little while ago, i'm not really 'from' glasgow. but i spent alot of time there either with my friends or going to gigs with them.

next gig might be decapitated/insision at the cathouse on friday..i'm not really a death metal fan..but it's nice to get out. and i'm going to see insision's drummer's motley crue

well..not much to say about me..i dunno the average age of the people here..but im female *obv* and 18..i live in a shitty town called Ayr and spend most of my life workin. so its nice to get out and meet people and hang with my friends...oh and one of my friends i believe some of you guys met...she goes by the name of lynnannmaxwell

anyway...i've rambled enough!
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