May 13th, 2003

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Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: Veruca Salt
Are you male or female?: Volcano Girl(s) :P
Describe yourself: Awesome
How do some people feel about you?: Disconnected
How do you feel about yourself?: All Hail Me ;)
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest/spouse: Pretty Boy(s):p
Where would you rather be?: With David Bowie
Describe what you want to be: Born Entertainer
Describe how you live: Sleeping Where I Want
Describe how you love: Venus Man Trap ~guffaw~
Share a few words of wisdom: Loneliness Is Worse

~yawn~ that was fun.
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Okay...well, I haven't posted here in a while.

I know it's not even in Scotland, let alone Glasgow, but is anyone else going to Wacken Open Air Festival this year ? ;D ?

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no place like home

hey guys and girls. does anyone have a generation code to spare? i had one, but in the interests of generosity i gave it away yesterday. today, it seems i need one. would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a hand..
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