May 28th, 2003

Anti-War Protestors – Scum of the earth? Or do-gooders?

It must be his way of punishing us!

Interesting survey showed that ¾ of the anti war protestors in the UK are infact unemployed, and didn’t vote at the last elections…. Wait… does this mean that they are protesting against a government that they helped put there, for something that is being paid for not by them, but by other people…? A famous argument was that if we didn’t go to war, we could afford better welfare…. Well… get this guys…. IF YOU LOT WORKED, WE COULD ALL GET BETTER WELFARE AND BE BETTER OFF!!!

Ok, so that was the intro. Lets look at the war itself…..

It must be his way of punishing us!

They said it was terrible to attack Iraq. Why? Because of the Oil…. We are only interested in the Oil.
OK, even if this is true, look at the outcome. The world now has control of oil fields that are vital in everyday life. It is now going straight into iraq instead of a swiss bank account and large palaces. So…. .It looks like everyone is better off… not only that, but as a consequence, the Iraqi people are free…. Hmm not too bad…

AAH but wait!!! We shouldn’t get involved in killing innocents..!!! true… I have a better Idea.. Rather than kill 40 innocents, and 400 soldiers…. Lets keep Saddam in power… lets leave it up to him to rid the world of iraqis… makes our job easier… Why did people not protest to the attacks on poor hitler? He didn’t even want to attack the UK….. OH, I see, cause he was a threat. OK, well in this day and age, there are no longer those kind of threats. We fear not countries attacking us, rather…. The possibility of the following scenario….

Russian mafia buys weapons from their buddy Saddam. They in turn sell to friends of Osama… They in turn blow up the Tube in London, which in turn traps some 3000 people who perish…

It must be his way of punishing us!

It must be his way of punishing us!

It must be his way of punishing us!

Oh well, at least we didn’t kill 40 innocent iraqis, and at least we kept them oppressed. Well, I call that selfish. NOT IN MY NAME say the signs…. Fine, why is that? Don’t want to take any responsibility maybe… seems so, if ¾ of you are unemployed and cant even face up to the responsibility of voting.

The most selfish thing of all though… I can understand the protesting, but once the war has started… once we are outside bahgdad, WHY oh WHY do you still protest!! Leave the CITY !!! Now that the iraqis have revolted lets leave them at the hands of saddam!!! The bloody UK Soldiers and US soldiers are murderers!! MY GOD!! Think of their family. I know they chose their life, but their family and wife and kids DID NOT CHOOSE THIS!!! Therefore lets not brand soldiers who risk their lives for the benefit of the unemployed protesters, Villains!!

ANYWAY!!! THE USA HAVE FOUND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS NOW!!! Ok, so it was in MARYLAND, but still, it’s a start isn’t it..>?
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Glasgow madness

OK, firstly... does anyone know the name of the pub that is situated on the same street as bonkers used to be. It is like a wierd place that has some wierd people in it. It plays rock, and it is directly opposite the train station (Central) ANYWAY!! IT HAS AN AMAZING Piece of Led Zeppelin material in it. It is an inflatable Zepplin! Feckin amazing. I was pissed and offered the staff member 100 pounds for it but she declined (THANK GOD).

Anyway, does anybody know anyone that works for LloydsTSB CAUSE it is awesome working there.. haha piss people off all the time, and then theres the prostitutes on the way home after work. They dont even try sometimes. Looking for business says one of them in a track suit!!! indeed....

Oh, yeah, and then theres the wierdos that queue to get into the Cathouse. Freaks is how I would describe them. I used to pass them constantly on my lunch break from Lloyds Tsb... just to see them.. Nothing like a freak in colourful tights, or with not much on etc... yup, I like the freaks... (Glasgow seems to be full of them, whilst nowhere down here in England- Reading/London area seems to have them )