May 30th, 2003



saturday june 7th
glasshouse, queens park, south side, glasgow

KIRBY:"catch these rising stars now before their swathed in furs and surounded by bodyguards" - the list
FLAMINGO 50: raw garagey melodic punk. the emphasis on energy and excitement
AQUTE COUCH:blending influences from PJ HARVEY to THE PIXIES and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, aqute couch are redefining the boundaries of new music

workshops for women during the day

what is frock on??
frock on is a is a project started by the cailleach collective. it's a series of adventures we invite you to come along with us on. frock on is about talking, having fun, making new friends, subverting, resisting, doing it yourself, gossiping/networking, respecting, listening, dancing, eating, rioting, drinking, laughing, relaxing, empowering ourselves and others, clothes swapping, cycling, supporting our music, creating, growing, expressing ourselves, challenging ourselves, learning, scheming, giggling, planning, cups of tea, taking care of ourselves, gaining confidence and self esteem, finding our voices and keeping it real.
check website for more details:

A Critisism of Christianity

Jethro Tull - Anti Fashion Anti Drugs and Anti Christianity.

The Aqualung Album launches a scathing attack on Christianity, and gets away with it.
No protests. No scandals. Just great reviews. Their finest album


Prostitution and peadophilia :

“Sitting on a park bench
eyeing little girls with bad intent.”


It discusses man forcing god to become the god of the people that he is today. Making god believe in OUR religion.
As well as other interesting things :

“If Jesus saves - well, He'd better save Himself
from the gory glory seekers who use His name in death.”

As one of the most original and inventive bands in the history of rock and roll, Jethro Tull have sustained a career based on clever time signatures, atypical lyrics and blustering showmanship courtesy of the band's visionary and leader, Ian Anderson. Aqualung, Tull's fourth release from 1971, was an intrepid statement about God and religion. Loaded and lifted by the articulate guitar work from Tull's other resident member - Martin Barre - Aqualung has, through a series of twists and turns, ingrained itself into the rock stratum forever.

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