June 4th, 2003

doing a favour for my sister in law...


If you like cheesy rock bands.. come see then in Edinburgh!

Robin Black & the Intergalactic Rock Stars don't follow the crowd, but they have no problem creating one. Since 1998 the fearless five-some have created nothing short of an assault on the Canadian music industry. The ferocious attitude surrounding the band along with the sharp tongue of Robin Black have made the band stick on Canada and now the world in a big way.

Their shows filled with pyrotechnics and specacle, loud guitars and smoke, ferocious attitude and smutty language have created a scene unmatched to any other.

The relationship of this band to their fans is nothing short of immensely tight. The band makes efforts at all of their shows to ensure fans which have come to meet them get to meet them even if it means staying hours at autograph tables. Fans make a band what they are and Robin Black & the Intergalactic Rock Stars truly acknowlege this.

Robin Black & the Intergalactic Rock Stars are everything the stereotypical rock band should be from the looks to the attitude. The band is always in your face and practices religiously to ensure that their fans and even their skeptics always get the best performance they can possibly see. This is a band that leaves a stamp on people, they spread the disease of their stardom like a rampant STD spreads on a college campus. As much as you try to avoid it, you'll probably get infected.

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hey! did anyone in here go to the Deftones gig last nite?

well..my friend did and i just thought i'd let you read his review of the gig. i found it pretty funny and interesting..i'm not a fan myself..i can't really stand their "music"..

anyways..it ain't my review so no threatening emails!

click here to read review..

have fun!