July 16th, 2003

Took a trip on a gemini Spacecraft!!!!

Took a trip on a Gemini Spacecraft…….


It’s the return of the thin white Duke!!!

 Yung Man

Only a year since his last album release “HEATHEN” which is a bloody fine album that did extremely well all over the world, he is releasing a new album. When Heathen came out, it was considered that his time as a musician was finally over. After so called flops with Earthling and Hours, nobody was expecting much from him. Now firstly, I loved those two albums, and so do many fans, so why they were considered flops I will never know…. Anyway, Heathen was the opposite. Everyone thought it was magnificent, and nearly earned him artist of the year, an incredible achievement.

This God of rock has been involved in computer games, where he appears as a character. Funnily enough he is a rock star singing songs from the album hours… bloody good at that….

 Yung Man
 Yung Man

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