October 23rd, 2003


Much, much thanks to everyone who came to our gig at the Underworld on Friday. A lot of people travelled a very long way to see us and I am forever grateful. I had a good gig although was a little nervous, actually a big bit nervous. The lovely Ana has taken some photos for us, which can be found, on her news page. http://www.geocities.com/wretched_barbie/news Unfortunately, Marks bass guitar was stolen from ‘the worlds end’ upstairs from the underworld after the show. If anyone is a superhero and can get it back for him then that would be so fantastic!
Our next gig is at the Glasgow Cathouse on Sunday the 2nd November. Doors are 8pm and we will be onstage at 9.45pm. I am happy to be going back after such an emotional roller coaster ride the last time we played there. Hometown blues maybe.

Interview with Chainsaw-beats

Wonderful Björn from Chainsaw-beats has interviewed us for a feature on the site http://www.chainsaw-beats.de If you are not fluent in German then you can read the interview in English on our forum http://www.weepingwounded.co.uk/wbboard in the news section.

John Fryers new label

Very excitingly, John Fryer, hugely respected engineer and producer has started a new record label, something to listen to, and it looks like we are a part of it! Yay! There is more information about John Fryer and the label at the website http://www.somethingtolistento.com

Live journal community and Street team

We now have a live journal community so if you have a live journal account you can see us here http://www.livejournal.com/community/darknevada
The street team is growing in numbers and countries! Thank you to everyone who has joined so far. For more information see the street team section on the forum http://www.weepingwounded.co.uk/wbboard

More info at http://www.livingwitheatingdisorders.com
Forum and street team http://www.weepingwounded.co.uk/wbboard
Live journal community http://www.livejournal.com/community/darknevada
Label info http://www.somethingtolistento.com
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RAWK AND RAWL Gig At THE STEREO In Glasgow This Saturday...

Fallen Into Ashes will be playing at The Stereo at 14 Kelvinhaugh Street in Glasgow on Saturday 25th October 2003 as part of their current tour - national support comes from A Razorblade To Say Goodbye and local support for this gig will be Bullion, Holmes, D-Rail and my band Psyko Dalek.
It is an afternoon show, so doors open at a very early 3pm, and entry will cost you a mere £3 on the door!

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Fallen Into Ashes appear to be an EMO kind of band from Budapest, Hungary! VERY comparable to bands like Funeral For A Friend and Poison The Well from what I have heard of them, so if you or any of your friends are into that kind of thing then feel free to spread the word and come along to RAWK OUT this Saturday. \m/.
As for my band, Psyko Dalek, we're a predominantly METAL band but try and incorporate influences from as many different genrés as we can, such as hardcore and hip-hop.
Bullion are a punk band influenced very largely by The Ramones and Bad Religion.
The rest of the bands I have never heard, but it appears there would be a bit of something for everyone on this line-up despite the tagline "an afternoon of hardcore" on the flyer!

I have been told that there is NO age restriction for entry into the gig, but you should not even attempt to buy alcohol from the bar if you do not have ID that proves you are aged 18 or over.

Hope to see some of you there! :o)

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