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Punk Off - Charity event in Edinburgh 28/11

Charity fund raiser for Shelter Scotland on the 28th Novemeber at Bannermans

There will be two bands on;

Sad Society (
"'where the fuck did these guys come from?' They produce ultra-confident, addictive, anthemic punk rock, brought to us with that distinctly Scottish disregard for subtleties or arse-licking"

supported by Billy Liar (

"the vicious, spiked belligerence of The Pistols in full copulating deviancy with the gentler, deep thinking soul of The Cure's acoustic manhandler Robert Smith"

It is £4 on the door or £3 for Edgar members. All proceeds go to Shelter Scotland

Come along to support the local music scene,or Edgar, or Shelter or just because you like beer. It will be fun.
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