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[Nightnews-letter Winter 2007] Bumper XMAS issue of Goth, post-goth, nu-wave and more dark fun

[Nightnews-letter Winter 2007] Bumper XMAS issue of Goth, post-goth, nu-wave and more dark fun :: Scotland, UK

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.:: Contents
Nightnews Supports Help for Heroes this Xmas 2007
Latest Dark Clubs, Gigs and Events
Other Events of Note
Local Club News
Goth Links, Deserving Cause Link!
[Magazine Features, Vid Links :: Special Features :: Support Heavy Metal in Baghdad! :: Nightnews lists ONLY]
Autumn Calendars :: Indie & Burlesque Calendar :: Dark Calendar
Free Gigs & DJ's
Cheap Drinks & Latest Promos
Further Information and Credits ::.

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.:: Nightnews Supports Help for Heroes this Xmas 2007
..make a donation, buy a wristband, you know who put them there..

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.:: Latest Dark Clubs, Gigs, Events of note

Qudos, Main Floor, Queen Margaret Union, Hillhead Glasgow
Sat 15 Dec tbc Doors 9pm - 3am £4.00

:: Mala Vida, Crazy Spanish Alternative Party! - Edi
Thurs 13 Dec, CABVOL rm1 Spanish alternative - rm2 techno electro

:: The Aviemore Gothic Weekend 'The Snowball'
Confirmed for 14th - 16th December 2007

:: Random, psy-trance, progressive, full-on and dark-psy music - Edi
Wed 19 Dec, Bongo club cheap before 11.30pm, charity fundraiser for the Sick kids

:: Cosmic, psy-trance night - Edinburgh
Next 27 Dec Studio 24

THURSDAY 27TH DEC - electro-popstrel

:: New Edinburgh Friday Night Goth Sh*** Club! - Edinburgh
Wtf is that about!? Find out! :-) Join the mailing list

:: CRYOTEC - Industrial / Electronica / Electro - Glasgow
Thursday 20th Dec Xmas Cryotec MODULATE Live DJ set doors @11pm normal entry fee
Every last Thursday of the month 23:00 Level 1

:: SIN - Glasgow's ONLY Heavy Metal Club Night!

:: SIN ~ Industrial / Goth - Dundee
Monthly @ the Club Cage, The Fantasy Bar, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee

:: Supernaut Aberdeen

:: TODDESFREQUENZ - Sonic Mayhem Night - Glasgow
Power noise :: rhythmic industrial :: ritual electronics
Venue: Blackfriars (downstairs) in Merchant City - Glasgow
Back soon - Dates tbn - launch photos at their myspace

:: Monox - Glw

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.:: Other Events of Note

:: Stuff thats recently gone and to watch out for next time

:: Fimbulvetr - Edi
Last gig :: Gig Allerseelen and Svarrogh :: Webflyer below

:: Dec Sat 08 'Just Desserts' - Edi
'The Delectables,' burlesque at Chai tea house, Candlemaker Row. Strict dress code, so no jakeys! With sweet trolly and 2 for 1 cocktails 18+ 9.30pm till late.
See flyer

:: Return of the Marchviolets - Leeds
Saturday December 8th 2007
The March Violets + Chris Reed Unit + James Ray + Salvation + Screaming Banshee Aircrew
+ wendy house dj's till 3am - 1000 Tickets only, CD T shirts available on the Myspace

:: VNV Nation, Studio 24 - Edi
08 Dec - this was a 14+ gig!

:: DARK GIG ft 'Leechwoman, Dead On The Live Wire, Dirty Husband, Sileni' - Edi
09 Dec Hive ::

:: St Judes Infirmary Gig - Edinburgh
Mon 10 Dec 8pm Voodoo Rooms Supporting Bee And A Flower
..St Judes is another local 'dark music' band and I am told is going to support some rather posh goth bands in the new year!

.:: Forthcoming..

:: Fri Dec 14 The Acoustic cafe, arts review and counter culture cabaret - Edi
7-11 doors close at 8pm Out of the Blue Drill Hall tel 07812 346 310

:: Fri 21 Dec 'Lucky Seven Club' - Edi
The Counsellors live; Franki Sumatra DJ; The Charming Misadventures Burlesque; Snooks McLanahan Quartet (house band); Monopoly money casino and crooning competition... 9-3am licence tbc £5.00

:: Vegas Xmas Party - Edi
Sat 22 Dec - 9- 3am licence tbc £8/£10

:: Neu Liebe Relaunch - Edi
Sun 27 January - NL Cabaret Club

:: EU Indiesoc Club 'Hark!' - Edi
Teviot House Student Union, Bristo Sq, Edinburgh
Anything by indiesoc is good...

:: Art in the Dark, Wee Red Bar ECA - Edi
tbn Jan 2008 :: eca student 'dark art' opening + gig and a bit of a club!

:: MacBeth the band :: 2008
April, 24 2008 at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
+ KatBGini Doors tbn Cost : £10.00

.:: The Other Best Goth Nights & Events

:: Info, links for Bedlam/Cryotec (Glw); Elizium (Aberdeen); Sin (Dundee); Flux (Glw); S24 residencies (Edin); and all the other local Scots Goth nights, see the Nightnews website, listings, newsletters etc. I will be updating the website again soon at News in advance of the website updates is available from nightnews-media at yahoogroups and the newsletter at yahoogroups, lj, bebo, myspace and facebook.

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.:: Local Club, Event, Gothic News ::.

:: Massive Pagan Review :: Multimedia, The Samhuinn Festival 2007 in Edinburgh

:: Reports on Japanese Robot Cyber-Punk Band PSYDOLL recent UK tour
Photos of the Bongo club gig
Links to reviews here
Glasgow Preview at the blog below


:: Voodoo Rooms - Edi
All the fun, glitter and sparkle of the Spiegeltent but in the refurbished upper rooms of the fabulous Edinburgh Cafe Royal. Looks like being a focus for burlesque genre nights.

:: Out of the Blue Drill Hall - Edi
6 Dalmeny St, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

:: MORE new venues etc listed at
updated regularly so keep going back

:: Just In ~ the former Left Bank aka Octopus Diamond and Green Room has reopened. There is also new rock pub in town but I hear that another one has closed ~ more on these when I update the website....


:: The Official Nightnews Bat-Blogosphere is here ...
Drop by for our latest rant - when I have time to write one! Page views up from 300 to THOUSANDS since our last blog!!!

:: Nightnews at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007
Nightnews Fringe Recommendations & Bat Ratings 2007
Yes its delayed :: more from EdFringe 2007 coming soon, plus new stuff for Edfringe 2008

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.:: Goth Links

:: Glasgow Goma goths banned - Sun 9 Dec 2007

:: WTF OMG! Netgoth is still DEAD - SHOCKER!!!
..maybe something will happen by Easter who knows!?

:: Temporary UK wide Goth Events and Club Trackers

:: Femme Metal Forum

:: A Memorial for Sophie Lancaster
"Woman 'attacked for being a Goth' dies! By Bonnie Malkin and agencies"
'If you wish to donate then you can, just contact Insanitorium. A memorial is being planned and any funds left over will be used in reforestation schemes in the UK in her memory. Please repost. Thanks - Martin Oldgoth'

.:: Deserving Cause Link

:: Help the poor ickle wildcats!

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.:: Magazine Features :: some though not all especially goth but still interesting n.b. This section is only carried at the Nightnews Myspace, LJ, Bebo, Facebook, Yahoogroups etc

- Special Feature - 'Support Heavy Metal in Baghdad!'
- Nightnews Useless Xmas Gift advice
- Nightnews Scoops
- Music and Vids

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.:: Winter Calendars

.:: Select Calendar of Indie, Post-Punk, Electro, New Wave, Artschool, Burlesque and PSItrance Clubs. Most of the INDIE clubs always feature a band or two and are good value.

Nov 30 INDIESOC Teviot Bearsuit + sp Gig Edi
Nov 30 FAST + bands late Edi

Dec 05 Dance Disaster C + Band Bongo Edi
Dec 06 Art in the Dark ECA - Edi
Dec 07 Dogtooth - Edi
Dec 07 Burlescapades Xmas Spectac! Voodoo Rooms Edi
Dec 08 Just Desserts Burlesque tea party with cake at Chai - Edi
Dec 10 St Judes Infirmary at the Voodoo Rooms
Dec 13 Mala Vida CAB Spanish Indie, Techno, Electro - Edi
Dec 13 Gogol Bordello ABC Glasgow DF SOLD OUT
Dec 14 The Acoustic cafe, DRILL HALL, arts review and counter culture cabaret - Edi
Dec 16 SL Records Xmas Party! Bongo Club Live Bands all night!
Dec 21 Lucky 7 Burlesque Voodoo Rooms - Edi
Dec 21 Dogtooth Xmas party - Edi
Dec 15 Burlesque Ball Sapphire Aberdeen
Dec 22 Vegas Xmas party Voodoo Rooms
Dec 27 COSMIC S24 psitrance - Edi
Dec 27 Dollskabeat gig Voodoorooms - Edi
Dec 28 FAST Bongo club + X Vectors
Dec 31 Headspin Hogmanay Bongo Club Edinburgh £13.50

Jan 20 Soundstation Gig + Vic Galloway at the Jam House - Edi
Jan 24 COSMIC S24 psitrance - Edi
Jan 25 FAST + Gussets - Edi
Jan 27 Neu Liebe Cabaret Club relaunch Voodoo Rms - Edi
Feb 10 Nouvelle Vague Queens Hall Edinburgh PCL £16.50
Feb 23 FAST + Navvy

:: Every Sat :: The Egg
Girls from Vogue, boys from trainspotting :: music policy at the links

:: Every Sun :: HOBO
Showcase band night (1 to 3 bands!) with nu-wave dj's till 3am Edinburghs Best Live Music Club. Live music followed by post punk, new wave, electro, indie wild dancing! no more free entry, its now £3.00 in all night, 10 till 3am with a couple of drink promos; and still a good value, classy, music based escape from the revolting binge drinking elsewhere!

:: Every fortnight Friday :: Dogtooth
A furious mix of disco indie, electro and ravin' new wave.

:: Monthlies Flagship of the nu-wave Edin Uni Indiesoc and v good Teviot U Upcoming venue with a full program Worth a look!

:: Weekly Pre-clubs :: Southern

.:: Select Calendar of Goth, Post-Goth, Metal & Alternative

Nov 23 Erotica [23-25 inc] London
Nov 23 Gigantor Edi
Nov 23 Balkanarama Caves Edi
Nov 24 Screaming Banshee Aircrew CAB - Edi
Nov 30 SIN Metal Glw
Nov 30 SiN Goth Dundee
Nov 30 Fimbulvtr Gig Edi
Nov 30 Friday Nite Goth Sh*te, FNGSE Tron - Edi

Dec 01 Absynth Edi
Dec 05 UKSUBS Citrus - Edi
Dec 08 Marilyn Manson Braehead Arena - Glasgow CPL
Dec 08 Chemical Brothers SECC - Glasgow DFC
Dec 08 Marchviolets Leeds
Dec 08 VNV, Studio 24, this is a 14+ gig - Edi
Dec 09 The Human League, Academy - Glw
Dec 09 DOTLW Gig - Hive Edi
Dec 10 HIM Barrowland Glasgow CPL
Dec 14 FNGSE Edi
Dec 15 Bedlam Glw
Dec 31 Tease Age & Planet Earth Citrus Club Edinburgh £11.50

Dec XX No HEXMAS at Elizium Aberdeen this year.
Dec 28 FNGSE tbc Edi
Dec 28 SiN Dundee

Jan 21 Almighty Garage Glasgow CPL £16.50
Jan 21 My Ruin Cathouse Glasgow CPL £11.50
Jan 26 Bedlam Glw
Jan 25 SiN Dundee

Feb 03 Bullet For My Valentine Academy Glasgow DF £20.00
Feb 09 Queens Of The Stone Age Corn Exchange Edinburgh CPL SOLD OUT
Feb 12 Smashing Pumpkins SECC Glasgow DF £33.00
Feb 29 SiN Dundee

Mar 03 The Cult Academy Glasgow CPL £27.50
Mar 31 Nightwish ABC Glasgow PCL £16.50

Apr 17 Emilie Autumn, Sieben 14+ gig S24

:: Intercity travel links
Edin-Glw :: Citylink 900 £6.30 return
Other Cities :: Megabus

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Free Gigs, DJ's and Clubs

:: the Southern has many free indie gigs + pre-club dj new wave nights - Edinburgh

- Features some Free gigs
- Free entry Tue, Wed, Th - to Split, We Are Electric and Sick Note
- varying drinks promos at all of these

.:: Cheap Drinks :: Latest Promos ...
Bongo Club :: Hobo Sundays bottled lager & Vodka mixer £1.50 all night
Opium :: Everything £1.00 Sun to Thurs they say!
Hive :: Also many drinks promos
CAB :: Tue, Wed, Th. from £1.50

[nb. Drinks promos fluctuate faster than we can report them, note that we are
against abuse of alcohol and binge drinking, See our health and rehab links on the
nightnews clubs page. Check our back issues for even more drinks promo info..]

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Further Information and Credits...

:: Gothy Etiquette and Manners
For the retarded, gossiping, deranged swabs amongst them...

:: Full Weekly Scots Listings Public Media Archive
Pro-active media support to some great nights

:: Nightnews Reminders are also at Yahoo, LJ, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook

:: Like free dark music? Always more new band profiles here...

:: Advance Tickets and early warning of on-topic gigs

:: Nightnews at the Edinburgh Fringe
Nightnews Fringe Recommendations & Bat Ratings 2007

:: Most FAQ'd at, 'Can you help our band get a gig?'
Download file of the contacts at
and at our Myspace pag, with approx 150 contacts

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.:: Footnote :: Nearly 10 years of

:: Nightnews commemmorates IT magazine from the 60's and 70's; its time for something like that to come back..

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Circ 6600 on lists and groups we own!
Updated as circulation date
Newsletter est. 1999
All Rights Reserved

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