Confessions of a converse wearing geek (ecossefilmmaker) wrote in glasgowfreax,
Confessions of a converse wearing geek

Supporting Scottish filmmakers!

Hello everybody,

I hope it's okay to post this here!

I've just finished making the first series of "Night is Day" which is a 6 part superhero drama series about a superhero, Jason Mackenzie, who fights crime and protects the city of Glasgow from the evil Mr. Philips.

The DVD is online now to buy for only £10 at It's got all 6 episodes on 1 discs and special features on the other including a making of documentary, cast interviews, audition clips, a production gallery, outtakes and some fun bits we filmed during making our series.

All proceeds from the DVD sales are going towards funding series 2 which start in May.

I hope some of you out there will help us out and buy our DVD :)

This post is being cross-posted here and there :)


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