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[Nightnews Supplement Mar 2008] EVENTS ONLY SUPPLEMENT!

[Nightnews Supplement Mar 2008] EVENTS ONLY SUPPLEMENT! Goth, post-goth, post post-punk, nu-wave, arts and other on-topic. :: Scotland, UK

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.:: Contents
Events Supplement: Very Latest Dark Clubs, Gigs and Events
Winter Calendars :: Indie & Burlesque Calendar :: Dark Calendar
Free Gigs & DJ's
Cheap Drinks & Latest Promos
Further Information and Credits ::.

.:: Intro: there has been a raft of events promoted at quite short notice since my last newsletter, so here is a stripped down events only update. See also the previous Newsletter at the previous Nightnews Yahoogroup mailout, Myspace blog, Lj, Bebo, Facebook etc

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.:: Events Supplement: Latest Dark Clubs, Gigs and Events

:: New Industrial Night LAUNCH :: Asylum - Glw
Ivory Blacks 56 Oswald St, Glasgow, G1 4PL Scotland
Fri 14 March, 11 April, 16 May - Asylum by Cryotec 11pm £4
+ 29 May MODULATE detonation UK Tour by Cryotec @ Ivory Blacks
+ 13 June INERTIA by Cryotec / Rm 213 @ Ivory Blacks

:: New Metal Club :: Absolution - Glw
The Classic Grand 18 Jamaica St, Glasgow, G1 4QD
Mar 15 2008 11PM ABSOLUTION (room 2)

:: BFS Spring Equinox Club :: The Beltane Fire Society presents a fund-raising event in the spirit of 'Theatre of the Absurd'
The GRV, 37 Guthrie Street
Wednesday 19 March 2008
8pm – 1am £5
..more info under 'other' below

:: Club Carbon @ The Hideout - Dundee
Abertay Unions Hideout Club located on Bell Street in Dundee DD1 1HG
March 15th, April 26th, May 10th
(Replaces SIN in Dundee)

:: Gogpromotions Gig - Leeds
Sat 22 March Psyche, Global Citizen, Prototype
(replaces BTV 'there won't be a "Beyond The Veil" festival in 2008. We hope to return for Easter 2009,' they say... )

:: SIN SOUNDHAUS - Glasgow's ONLY Heavy Metal Club Night!
+ PHP Events [SIN Promoter]
Apr 25 2008 Stabwound, Gongaruglated + 2 tbc
May 30 2008 Maelstrom, Alba Gu Brath + 2 tbc

:: Conpulsion 2008 - This is Edinburgh's annual Roleplaying convention, held at the Teviot on March 22/23 (thats Easter this year)

:: CRYOTEC - Industrial / Electronica / Electro - Glasgow
Mar 27 - Every last Thursday of the month 23:00 Level 1
+ Thursday 24th April Deviant UK
will be playing at Cryotec at the Cathouse on Early opening 10pm - 3am.

Qudos, Main Floor, Queen Margaret Union, Hillhead Glasgow
Sat Mar 29, Apr 26 - Doors 9pm - 3am £4.00
Comment :: Nightnews unequivocally endorses Bedlam as Scotlands largest, best, longstanding and most successful regular gothic event.

:: Elizium - Aberdeen
- special little radio show in Friday the 29th of February
- Club Mar 29 Sat., flyer below

:: Misery Signals Gig - Glw
Ferocious Wisconsin hardcore outfit
April 02 - Glasgow - Ivory Blacks
The video for "The Failsafe", a track culled from 'Mirrors' can be found here:

:: New :: THE DOLLHOUSE 'Live' Music Club - Glw
ROCKERS (previously Capitol)
Glasgow's first dedicated Glam/Sleaze /Rock Club!
FRIDAY JULY 4TH - (8PM-3AM) USA Independance Day Special with
ZODIAC MINDWARP headlining. Live bands/ Burlesque & DJs playing the best Glam/Sleaze/Rock till 3 am!

:: New All Tore Up - Rockabilly club - Glw
Nxt Sat April 05 2008 tbc - 'is a rockin' record hop the first Saturday of every month downstairs in Blackfriars on Bell Street in the Merchant City, Glasgow... mostly 1950s rock'n'roll, rhythm & blues and rockabilly with the occasional guest DJ or live band.

:: Electric Banana live rock club - Edi
The GRV, 37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh.
Nxt Sat April 05 - 1st Saturday of every month

:: Pride & Fall @ The Ark - Edi
Futurepop gig Apr 10 2008 8:00PM

:: Masked Beltane Ceilidh Saturday 19 April 2008 Rudolf Steiner School
Spylaw Road, All events open 7pm with music and dance until 1am, with the truly wicked Cosmic Ceilidh Band (tbc) raising funds for Beltane Fire Society Tickets for all ceilidhs are £10 full, £6.50 concession (£9/£5 if bought in advance). They will be available from Susie's Diner (West Nicholson Street) from one month in advance or from Organised for BFS by the amazing Ceilidh Collective,

:: Emilie Autumn, Studio 24 - Edi
Apr 17 2008 14+ gig for the S24 emo kiddies...

:: RELAUNCH/RETURN, Digital Harlot - Glw
Back at the Barfly, over two floors on April the 19th from 11pm-3am. The theme is CarnEvil.

:: MacBeth the band :: 2008
April, 24 2008 at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
+ KatBGini Doors tbn Cost : £10.00

8:00 pm on Sat May 3, 2008
Premiere screening of Steven’s new score to the 1926 surrealist classic "The Seashell & the Clergyman" plus a programme of scores to short films by emerging avant garde film makers. Doors 9 Set 1 (Seashell) ~ 10 -10.45pm Interval ~ 10.45 - 11pm Set 2 ~ 11-11.45pm

:: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds May 4 2008
Academy Glasgow, Scotland

:: Obedience School - Aberdeen
On May 4th! opening time will be 9pm tickets are now onsale for the event at Moshulu, Aberdeen

:: 17th Wave-Gotik-Treffen Whitsun 2008 - Germany
May 8th-15th: Leipzig

:: CHRISTIAN DEATH @ Ivory Blacks May 17
Ivory Blacks 56 Oswald Street Glasgow G1 4PL

:: Ministry + Guests Carling Academy, CPL Glasgow
Friday 30th May £16.50 + b.f. Doors: 7pm

:: Lou Reed - Edi
June, 25 2008 at Edinburgh Playhouse
18-22 Greenside Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH1 3AA, Scotland
Cost : £50 / £40 / £35

:: The Last Days of Jesus / Lumous Gothic Festival - FINLAND
June, 27 2008 at Lumous Gothic Festival, Tampere

:: Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival - Aug
15th, 16th and 17th August 2008

:: Announcement Gig, Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag" - Glw
Rockers Glw on the 22nd Oct 2008
tickets are on sale for this event from

:: Altnation Club - Glw
New Glw weekly regular alt club by board of the same name
Every Thursday @ Bamboo & Every Saturday @ The Classic Grand

:: Glasgow Roller Girls Fundraisers
Great fun

:: OCCASIONAL Clubnervenkrieg - Edi
15th Mar, 19 Apr, 17th May - Edi
Usual local DJ's, need we say more...

.:: Nu wave, Art-school and Indie-licious

:: Hark Indiesoc EU :: End of term Indie-licious night - Edi
Teviot Underground EUSA
Thurs Mar 20 It's 9-1 (as the union shuts early on weeknights)
Free party - cheap Union drinks prices, great tunes.
i.d. may be required for entry so bring one

:: Indie Club Together @ Cabaret Voltaire
Thursday 20th March

:: New Citrus Club Thursday Night - Kinky Indie - Free for 2 with flyer
DJ's from Tease Age and Original Graffiti combine with the original Kinky Indie team to bring you a night of varied music, very much indie-orientated but with, well, kinks Doors 11pm. Admission £5 / £2 students or FREE during Jan' / Feb' '08 if you pick up a flyer. All drinks £1.50

:: 99 Hanover Street REFURBISHED
Ruby Tuesday is now relaunched as DOCTOR RUBYS after the refurb
GAVIN DUVET - at the helm..

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Other Events of Note

Fetish Night, Aberdeen Saturday 15th March, 9:30 pm - 3:00 am
We don't know if its safe, so google it and go at your own risk

:: Future Shorts - Edinburgh
The GRV 37 Guthrie Street Edinburgh EH1 1JG
Thursday 20th March - Featuring, 'The Bohemian Rhapsody Project', a strange operatic reworking of the Queen Classic from Singapore, a coming-of-age story of love and rock in 'Heavy Metal' from Finland as well as a classic music video from rising director Dominic Leung for The Bees + Popcorn, djs, short films and great company. Doors open 6:30. Films 7pm. £4.00
Latest info at Future Shorts Facebook Group

:: 27th Programme Edinburgh Intl Harp festival
28 Mar - 2 April 2008

:: Beltane 2008 Tickets now on sale
£5 plus Booking Fee...
In person at: The Hub Ticket Office Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh EH1 2NE
Soon they will be on sale at the Forest and Ripping also.
If you resent the booking fee you can come to a busk on the 19th or 26th of
April, 1 pm at the mound and buy them then.
By telephone: Tel: +44(0)131 473 2000

:: BFS :: Hey there, Want to get involved with BFS? There are still many exciting opportunities for volunteers available within the Beltane festival, please get in touch with bfs at: or

:: Jonathan Kay and the Nomadic Academy of Fools - Edi
No gimmicks, no tricks, just pure entertainment from a 21st century fool. "A free-form exploration of whatever is on his – or his audience's –
mind…" - The List The ultimate theatre of possibility! - Time Out 2001 For info on any of the performances or to book a place on the workshop,
please call 07707 058820 or email
14th March - Jonathan Kay Forest Hall, Bristo St, Edinburgh 8pm (Doors 7.30pm) free
15th March- Jonathan Kay te POOKa, 10 Lady Lawson St. 8pm (Doors 7.30pm) by donation
+ Workshop 15-16 March te POOKa, 10 Lady Lawson St.
"Stupid, silly, intriguing, delightful, strange and unsettling… I really
learned something about the nature of solo improvisational performance.
Especially about the unconscious "audience" that one carries around with
one almost all the time." Guy Dartnell Winner Best Show award, Brighton Festival 2006

:: The Blue Man Presentation, BFS - Edi
Forest Monday 17th March at 7pm
A special opportunity to hear from Lindsay John (first Blue Man, Master Performance Artist & Choreographer working with Beltane in 2008) and see images of his work from the past 20 years. Here's the info: Lindsay John gives a slide lecture about the development of his own work incorporating Art, Performance & Costume while explaining some of his inspirations, methods and materials of costume making, his relationship with Butoh and his part in the formation of the first Beltane Fire Celebrations.

:: The Spring Equinox Club :: The Beltane Fire Society presents a fun-raising event in the spirit of 'Theatre of the Absurd'
The GRV, 37 Guthrie Street
Wednesday 19 March 2008
8pm – 1am
Feat - Jed & the Homecoming String Band; Bob & the Massive Mellow, Fankled, DJ Rowan - Planet Monkey; STORYTELLING with Alasdair; SHADOW PUPPETRY by Emma; ABSURDITY, MAGIC & much more... Let us seek among the stars for the mysterious Lame White Mare to guide us home from darkness, insanity and absurdity to light, hilarity and abundance. As equinox slices precisely night and day, we invite you to embark upon an arcane Celtic journey to the dark side of the moon.

:: Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2008
06 - 23 March @ The Garage - Glw

:: The 16th French Film Festival UK will take place from 7 - 20 March 2008 in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Cardiff, Warwick, Birmingham, Manchester and London.
French Film Festival dans une semaine!!!
Join the French Film Festival Group to receive all the latest information on unmissable events and great screenings!

:: Torture Garden Easter Ball 2008
Friday, March 21, 2008 at 10:00pm Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 6:00am
Location: Mass, Brixton Hill, London, United Kingdom

:: The 2nd Annual London Burlesque Festival
April 2-6

:: RockNess 2008 - Sat 7th & Sun 8th June

:: Edinburgh Film Festival, 18 - 29 June 2008

:: Forest events week by week - Edinburgh

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: The Other Best Goth Nights & Events

:: Info, links for Bedlam/Cryotec (Glw); Elizium (Aberdeen); Carbon replaces Sin (Dundee); S24 residencies (Edin); and all the other local Scots Goth nights, also at the Nightnews website, listings, newsletters etc. I will be updating the website again soon, delays are due to factors outside my control

:: News in advance of the website updates is available from nightnews-media at yahoogroups and the newsletter at yahoogroups, lj, bebo, myspace and facebook.

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Winter [Its still effing cld brrr..] Calendars

.:: Select Calendar of Indie, Post-Punk, Electro, New Wave, Artschool, Burlesque and PSItrance Clubs. Most of the INDIE clubs always feature a band or two and are good value. Edinburgh indie nights are generally solid weekly and monthly events and gigs and I am happy to give 'THE EGG' at ECA top billing for musical quality, friendliness, lack of hassle, cheap booze, ambience, value for money, door policy.

:: Every Sat :: The Egg :: which is also GOTH SAFE and friendly
Girls from Vogue, boys from bands, the rest from trainspotting, dancing like the Yoshiwara in metropolis :: music policy starts in the 60's and is at the links. Goth friendly, in fact at least 4 are there! If you like 'Planet Earth' or GOGO, you will love, 'The Egg'

Mar 20 Hark Indiesoc EU End of term Indie-licious night 9-1 Edi
Mar 20 Indie Club Together @ Cabaret Voltaire Edi
Mar 21 Fast + Dirty Summer
Mar 22 Vegas Cabaret Voltaire, 36 Blair St, Edinburgh
Mar 22 Velvet ladies glbt Edi
Mar 23 Hobo Bongo
Mar 30 Neu Liebe Voodoo Rooms
Mar 30 Hobo Bongo

Apr 2-6 London Burlesque Fest
Apr 05 Glitter Bitch Electro Glw
Apr 12 Vegas The Ferry, Broomielaw, Glasgow
Apr 18 FAST 23:00 with TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE live
Apr 19 Vegas The Voodoo Rooms, West Register St, Edinburgh

May 16 FAST 23:00 with ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES live (tbc)
Jun 13 FAST 23:00 FAST Punkclub
Jul 11 FAST 23:00 with SO SO MODERN live

:: Every Sat Teviot Underground and the Library Bar 8pm - 3am.
Student or members i.d. required to get in. Very affordable booze - ahem!

:: Every Sun :: HOBO Bongo Club

:: Every Tuesday Doctor Ruby's
99 Hanover st 8PM - 1AM

Every Tuesday @ CABVOL Split


Every Thursday @ Bamboo & Every Saturday @ The Classic Grand - Glw

:: Every Thursday Night New - Kinky Indie - Free for 2 with flyer
Citrus Club Admission £5 / £2 students or FREE during Jan' / Feb' '08 if you pick up a flyer. All drinks £1.50

DOORS: 8PM-1AM except where otherwise advertised.
TAX: £4/£5.00

:: Every 4 Weeks on a Fri :: FAST
Post post-punk and flagship of the nu-wave!

:: Every fortnight Friday :: Dogtooth
A furious mix of disco indie, electro and ravin' new wave.

:: Other of note
Upcoming burlesque / indie venue with a full program

:: Weekly Pre-clubs :: Southern Pub

.:: The Nightnews Endorsed, Select Calendar of Goth, Post-Goth, Metal & Alternative. (Endorsed for quality, friendliness, value for money and clubbing safety.)

Mar 14 Asylum by Cryotec Ivory Blacks 11pm £4 Glw
Mar 15 2008 11PM ABSOLUTION Classic Grand (room 2) Glw
Mar 15 MONOX Soundhaus Glw
Mar 15 Hells Belles Fetish Aberdeen
Mar 15 Club Carbon @ The Hideout - Dundee
Mar 19 BFS Spring Equinox Club GRV 8pm+ Edi
Mar 21 Torture Garden Easter Ball 2008 - Lon
Mar 22 Psyche, Global Citizen, Prototype Gig Leeds
Mar 22 Velvet ladies glbt The Ark - Edi
Mar 22/23 Conpulsion Teviot U - Edi
Mar 27 CRYOTEC - Industrial / Electronica / Electro - Glw
Mar 29 Bedlam [The biggest and best goth club..] Glw
Mar 29 Sat ELIZIUM Aberdeen
Mar 31 Nightwish ABC Glasgow PCL £16.50 Glw

Apr 02 Misery Signals Gig - Ivory Blacks Glw
Apr 03 Dollhouse Rockers Glw
Apr 05 All tore up, rockabilly Blackfriars Glw
Apr 05 Electric Banana Rock GRV Edi
Apr 10 Pride and fall electropop Ark Edi
Apr 17 Emilie Autumn S24 14+ Edi
Apr 19 Digital Harlot - Glw
Apr 19 Masked Beltane Ceilidh - Edi
Apr 23 Bedlam [The biggest and best goth club..] Glw
Apr 24 Macbeth Gig Liquid Rooms Edi
Apr 24 Cryotec + Deviant UK Early opening 10pm - 3am Catty Glw
Apr 25 SIN Stabwound, Gongaruglated + 2 tbc Glw
Apr 30 Beltane, which takes place on Calton Hill in Edinburgh

May 01 Dollhouse Rockers Glw
May 03 STEVEN SEVERIN LIVE Voodoo rooms - Edi
May 04 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Academy Glw
May 04 Obedience School - Aberdeen
May 08 -15th: Leipzig WGT - Germany
May 17 CHRISTIAN DEATH @ Ivory Blacks Glw
May 30 SIN Maelstrom, Alba Gu Brath + 2 tbc Glw
May 30 Ministry + Guests Carling Academy, CPL Glasgow

Jun 25 Lou Reed Playhouse Edi
Jun 27 The Last Days of Jesus / Lumous Gothic Festival - FINLAND
Jul 04 Dollhouse Rockers Glw
Aug 15 -17th Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival UK
Oct 22 Gig, Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag" Rockers - Glw

Not Endorsed see
Mar 15 Clubnervenkrieg 19 Apr, 17th May - Edi
Apr 12 Ascension

More Dark Clubbing info links at:

:: Intercity travel links
Edin-Glw :: Citylink 900 £6.30 return
Other Cities :: Megabus

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Free Gigs, DJ's and Clubs

:: March Offers at The Hive and Free Entry to Bastard!
Full Details of all The Hives Nights at the link for each night of the week!

:: the Southern has many free indie gigs + pre-club dj new wave nights - Edi

:: CAB VOL - Edi
- Features some Free gigs
- Free entry Tue, Wed, Th - to Split, We Are Electric and Sick Note
- varying quality drinks promos at all of these

.:: Cheap Drinks :: Latest Promos ...
TEVIOT UNION etc :: Modest prices 24/7
Wee Red Bar ECA Union :: Modest prices 24/7
CAB :: Tue, Wed, Th. from £1.50
TRON :: Weds
Bongo Club :: Hobo Sundays bottled lager & Vodka mixer £1.50 all night
Opium :: Some drinks promos through the week and Sundays
Hive :: Also some drinks promos

[nb. Drinks promos fluctuate faster than we can report them, note that we are
against abuse of alcohol and binge drinking, See our health and rehab links on the nightnews clubs page before you get wasted again!. Check our back issues for even more drinks promo info..]

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

.:: Further Information and Credits...

:: Networking + Nightnews Newsletter see LJ, Bebo, , Facebook apply to be a friend join 'friend of' list subscribe to the Myspace Blog
Facebook look for 'Nightnews Webmaster'

:: Nightnews newsletter subscription reminders to your inbox or rss anyone may join

:: Like free dark music? Always more new band profiles here...
add Nightnews to your public myspace favourites

:: Full Regular Scots Listings Public Media Archive
Pro-active media support to some great nights

:: Advance Tickets and early warning of on-topic gigs

:: Nightnews at the Edinburgh Fringe
Nightnews Fringe Recommendations & Bat Ratings 2007

:: Most FAQ'd at, 'Can you help our band get a gig?'
Download file of the contacts at
and at our Myspace pag, with approx 150 contacts

^V^ ^V^ ^V^

compliments of
Circ 6600 on lists and groups we own!
[Posted only as an on-topic contribution to other goth lists.]
Updated as circulation date
Newsletter est. 1999
All Rights Reserved


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