sk8agrrl (sk8agrrl) wrote in glasgowfreax,

Attention Metalheads and thrashers... Squadron 40 ( is hosting its first ever 'do' @ 13th Note on Saturday 12th April 2008 for a measly £3 (adv)... yes thats right 300 of your earth pennies! ***

Four fantastic bands... Seregon from Bristol, and Glasgows very own Attica Rage, Circle of Tyrants and Amok. A moshpit to die in and the beerbong from hell...

Fancy checking out the bands in question? Visit their myspaces:

Tickets are available from the bands themselves and random punters in the pub (solid, crowbar etc)...

Its a guaranteed night of thrash, smash and trash for very little cash - £3 - a Saturday night is only cheaper if you sit in the house by yourself smacking yer monkey and what has that poor monkey ever done to you?

***or a fiver on the door cos i dont want to be fiddling about with change on the night!
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