KILA (crimson_king) wrote in glasgowfreax,

The madman Nietzche (The Antichrist??)

Has anyone read Antichrist. I have never seen such an unprofessionally written book. This guy, a philosopher, is spending more time critisizing than doing anything else. He says nearly all philosophers don’t know what they are talking about (apart from himself of course), he also goes on to rip apart almost every religion. This guy is scary. If he didn’t suffer from such bad headaches, he could have been dangerous…oh, I forgot… he was dangerous. His works, were used as a Nazi proof of how bad jews were… that didn’t work too well for Nietzche’s anti racist stance… good choice of words he uses with regards to Jews…. Very easy to turn into hate…

Yes, he was pretty crazy. He has valid points, but goes over the top in most instances, without the wit or irony that Michael Moore has.

It is worse that reading Mein Kampf, simply because Mein Kampf isn’t as aggressive..!!! mr. Aggressive himself writes a book about hate that is less offensive and aggressive than a philosophers ramblings about religion. I am not in any way religious, and I found the book very strange…

The book is very amusing too though!.
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