LAHANNYA live in Glasgow on 18 October

We're going on our biggest UK tour to date this October, playing 8 dates from Brighton to Glasgow and many places in between. Maybe one of the concerts is not too far away from you and you fancy coming along? Here is the full list of tour dates:

16 Oct 08: Dudley - JB's
17 Oct 08: Blackpool - West Coast Rock Cafe

18 Oct 08: Glasgow - Soundhaus
+ guests tbc - suggestions welcome!

22 Oct 08: Newcastle - Hoko 10
23 Oct 08: Weston-super-Mare - Hobbits
24 Oct 08: Sheffield - Corporation
25 Oct 08: London - Electrowerkz [late show @ 23:00]
26 Oct 08: Brighton - The Engine Room

If you don't know our music, have a listen on our Web site or Myspace page! It's been praised as industrial rock, gothic metal and electro by some of the press and slated by others for being none of the above; some compared us to bands like Lacuna Coil, Garbage, The Birthday Massacre and Evanescence and others said we sounded nothing like them.

Confused? Yes, so are we, but even though we can't describe it, we can promise you great music and a fun time out!

Hope to see you at one of the shows - til then take care!


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UNBELIEVABLE - Taste the 90s
Friday 19th September 08 @ Soundhaus Glasgow

  • Two Rooms of Tunes

  • 10 years of Music

  • 5 hours of nostalgia

  • Free Entry for Soundhaus members or £3 for non members

    email for a membership application form.

    and just to get you in the mood, here's a wee tune from the era:

    New Photos & Reviews Added (Hair Dye)

    Our Hair Dye Gallery has been updated with new hair dye photos and reviews. You can search by brand, shade or specific colour. Now over 1000 photos and 300 reviews. NO purchase or signup neccessary - anyone can view the gallery photos and reviews - the more people it helps the better :)

    You can now upload your hair dye photos direct to Beeunique through the website with no need to create an account or register: Upload Hair Dye Photos. You can also submit reviews direct through the website with no need to register: Send Hair Dye Reviews. Our current competition where you can win a hair dye and tint set by submitting reviews can be seen here

    I have posted on here before and some of you may already have photos in our gallery but if this is not allowed please let me know and I will remove it.

    Thanks, Nickki



    Tickets for the AVIEMORE GOTHIC WEEKEND (20-22 June 2008) are avaliable now priced £10 from our website

    Midsummer Madness 21st of June - featuring 13 Tombs, Brothers of Craig and DJ's Vlad, Techmad and The Chief

    Look forward to seeing some of you there!

    Aviemore Gothic Weekend 2008 - Midsummer Madness

    Announcing the 2nd Annual Aviemore Gothic Weekend!

    A Midsummer Madness, 20th-22nd June 2008. The main event on the Saturday (21st) will be a Midsummer Masquerade Ball, featuring Scottish Goth/Alternative bands, prizes for the best costume/masks, and a raffle in aid of The Maggies Centre in Inverness.

    We are pleased to announce that our first confirmed band is 13 Tombs from Fife www.myspace/13tombs

    We are currently in negotiations with Novus:UK, updates will be posted on our website and LJ page as we get them.

    Tickets on sale now, priced £10, from our website

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    Attention Metalheads and thrashers... Squadron 40 ( is hosting its first ever 'do' @ 13th Note on Saturday 12th April 2008 for a measly £3 (adv)... yes thats right 300 of your earth pennies! ***

    Four fantastic bands... Seregon from Bristol, and Glasgows very own Attica Rage, Circle of Tyrants and Amok. A moshpit to die in and the beerbong from hell...

    Fancy checking out the bands in question? Visit their myspaces:

    Tickets are available from the bands themselves and random punters in the pub (solid, crowbar etc)...

    Its a guaranteed night of thrash, smash and trash for very little cash - £3 - a Saturday night is only cheaper if you sit in the house by yourself smacking yer monkey and what has that poor monkey ever done to you?

    ***or a fiver on the door cos i dont want to be fiddling about with change on the night!