[Nightnews Supplement Mar 2008] EVENTS ONLY SUPPLEMENT!

[Nightnews Supplement Mar 2008] EVENTS ONLY SUPPLEMENT! Goth, post-goth, post post-punk, nu-wave, arts and other on-topic. :: Scotland, UK

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[Nightnewsletter February 2008] Goth, post-goth, post post-punk, nu-wave and other dark stuff..

[Nightnewsletter February 2008] Goth, post-goth, post post-punk, nu-wave and other dark post unvalentines nonsense! :: Scotland, UK

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Cyberia 29/2/08

Cyberia returns next Friday, 29th February, with guest DJ's Gnomatron and Neon Colin playing an eclectic mix of EBM, harsh electro, Industrial and the like.

Military Theme - costume encouraged, but please be sensible re weapons and leave them at home ;)

Location: Teviot Underground
Date: Friday 29th February
Time: 10pm - 3am
Price: £5/£4 (EdG&R members) HALF PRICE before 11:30 or in uniform
I.D. required.

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Geek Love - Fred

Supporting Scottish filmmakers!

Hello everybody,

I hope it's okay to post this here!

I've just finished making the first series of "Night is Day" which is a 6 part superhero drama series about a superhero, Jason Mackenzie, who fights crime and protects the city of Glasgow from the evil Mr. Philips.

The DVD is online now to buy for only £10 at http://www.nightisday.com. It's got all 6 episodes on 1 discs and special features on the other including a making of documentary, cast interviews, audition clips, a production gallery, outtakes and some fun bits we filmed during making our series.

All proceeds from the DVD sales are going towards funding series 2 which start in May.

I hope some of you out there will help us out and buy our DVD :)

This post is being cross-posted here and there :)


The Dillinger Escape Plan

Hey there chicks and chickettes, I'm having to sell my ticket for the Dillinger Escape plan gig on the 15th as it turns out my friend's 21st birthday party is the same night (how's that for crappy luck?).

The support bands are Between The Buried And Me and Stolen Babies and it looks like it's going to be an awesome show. I think it's sold out at Tickets Scotland now too.

If anyone's interested or for more info leave a comment or get in touch in some other way (email and myspace links are on my profile page) and I'll get back to you!

Pointless Pleading

(apologies for spamming this across everywhere, but I am a desperate dan)

Simian Mobile Disco ticket for the Arches gig, I would like one. Totally failed to get my arse in gear in time and now it's sold out. Woe is me. Plz help.


- Aidan

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Aye! Ayespace!
Hello there! I have created Glasgows own version of myspace and called it

Ayespace :)

It would be great if you guys joined up and got your mates to as well. Theres a band section coming soon also theres a radio station that plays tunes on random at the moment but the plan is to have live sets from local Glasgow bands and interveiws! Reviews of Glasgow restaurants and clubs!

Go on! Just Dae it!
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Just a Reminder....

Its that time of year again... and I've been clearing out the Hat Box to make way for some new creations, and with up to 50% off and FREE POSTAGE why not treat yourself to something daring!

Take a look at a seletion of our Sale goodies!


You'll also find 50% off the Beyond the Pale perfume range and our valentines goodies too!