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Glasgow Alternative Community
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Welcome to GlasgowFreax, the alternative culture's LiveJournal community for Glasgow and surrounding areas. It started in January 2003 and has been pretty successful thanks to the lovely people in it. Yes, the name is rather terrible but it shall be changed some day...some day.

There are no specific topics for posting, but the following is very much encouraged:
//1. Info on up and coming clubnights, gigs etc.
//2. Queries about the Glasgow area.
//3. Band journals, either local bands or those who could visit Glasgow in the near future.
//4. Opinions on gigs, clubnights etc or indeed anything you'd like to discuss.
//5. Any suggestions you may have for the community.
Those are just some ideas, and other stuff is welcome too.

Rules aren't strict, just general common sense and good manners, but for the silly I shall specify:
//1. Community/Site promo is only welcome from those within the Glasgow area, unless its highly relevant. Spamming isn't big or clever.
//2. Mummy always said that if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Apply it.
//3. If posting large/multiple images use lj-cut. See the FAQ if in doubt.
//4. Please give warning of links & images that are not worksafe.

Please save to your own server.

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